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XML Quotes in 2004

Friday, April 9, 2004辺り。

XLink simply doesn't fit into the layering of the XML architecture. The whole point of XML is that you can choose any names you like for your objects and attributes, and give them any semantics that you like (typically captured in schemas and stylesheets). So why should relationships be different from objects and attributes, and require fixed names and fixed semantics?

Hyperlinking is something that belongs in the user interface layer, not in the stored information. The stored information needs to hold relationship information in a much more abstract form. The hyperlinks, like all other user interface objects, should be generated by the stylesheet. It's because the hyperlinking community failed to recognize this that the idea failed to catch on.

気味が悪いほどバッチリなタイミングでQuote of the Dayに取り上げられていて驚いた。xml-dev mailing listは読んでいないけれど、まさかこの話題が初出ということはないだろうな。

無関係だけれど Sunday, April 4, 2004 辺りも非常に同意。

I am very much in favour of XML recommendations being accompanied by reference implementations whenever possible. If the people who put the recommendation together can't implement it, then who can? If it is too expensive and time consuming for them to do it, then maybe the recommendation is too complex, or simply not useful enough.


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